If an emergency exists where the safety of any individual is in immediate danger, call the 911 emergency dispatch number. For any suspected criminal activity call the University Police Department at 392-1111 (emergency) or 392-2392 (administration).

During an emergency, contact the public information head of the area in which the crisis exists, the appropriate vice president or dean, and the vice president for university relations (or those next in line to these individuals). If the emergency is not during regular office hours, please call the UF News Bureau, (352) 392-0186, to find the number of an on-call staff person. That designated person will be able to put you in contact with the proper people.

Public Information Contacts:

  • Margot Winick, Director, News & Content Management, 846-3903, m.winick@ufl.edu
  • Steve Orlando, Senior Director UF News Bureau, 392-0186, sfo@ufl.edu
  • Beverly James, Director IFAS News, 392-2411/273-3566, beverlymjames@ufl.edu
  • Melanie Ross, Director Health Science Center News, 273-5812, mross@ufl.edu
  • On-call Media Relations Coordinator UF Health, 265-0373