Government Relations

The function of the Office of Government Relations is to serve the university community in securing funding and substantive legislation which enables the University of Florida to provide research, teaching, and service. The office works closely with government officials and their staffs at the federal, state, and local levels to advocate issues of importance to the university.

Legislative priorities for the university are coordinated through the President’s Office for all of the university’s entities, including Health Affairs, the Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences, and general education.

Government Relations team members:

Jane Adams

Vice President, University Relations
(352) 392-4574


Linda Collins

Coordinator, Government Relations
(850) 933-6385


Blair Hancock

Legislative Assistant, Government Relations
(850) 488-2447


Marion Hoffmann

Associate Vice President, Government Relations
(850) 488-2447


Sarah Mathias

Director of Federal Relations
(352) 392-4574


Melissa Orth

Senior Director, Government Relations;
Assistant University Secretary
(352) 392-4574


Ed Poppell

Administration, UF Historic St. Augustine
(352) 392-4574


Lora Smith

Senior Administrative Assistant, Government Relations
(352) 392-4574